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Alfred the Great's Old English Translation of Gregory the Great, De cura pastorali(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Gregorius de Cura Pastorali Saxonice
Codicology:Vellum, 410 x 260 mm(Content authored by Corpus Christi College) (16.2 x 10.2 in.), ff. 225 + 2, 27 lines to a page. Cent. xi? in a very large bold black hand.
Collation: 1 flyleaf, i8 (wants 1) ii8-xxvii8 xxviii6 xxix4, 1 flyleaf. Quires marked in original hand on last leaf of each.
Provenance:From Worcester Priory, as will appear.
Additions:In last cover a note in Parkerian hand: “Werferthus Ep. Wigorn. viiio Ixxii Qui erat unus magistrorum lfredi Regis et iussu illius libros dialogorum beati Pape Gregorii de latina in anglicam linguam transtulit. Ex annalibus ecclesie Wigorn. et affirmatur a Rogero Houenden et aliis” .
At top of f. 1r (erased): “PASTORALIS” . At bottom an erased inscription. The first word in red
line 1. Wer w rf...
line 2. libros
line 3. transtulit
The substance of this note must have been the same as that already quoted.
Two (or three) Latin glossators have been at work on the text. One hand, which goes all through it and is very copious, is a curious tremulous writing of cent xii (?). Of this more will be said. There is a firmer and smaller hand also perhaps of cent. xii, and there is also, I think only on f. 8r, a large book-hand of cent. xiii (?) which has written the Latin of the last six capitula in the margin.
There are, besides, some few notes of cent. xvi.
Research:The MS. was not used for the edition by Sweet (E.E.T.S.).
Provenance:As to the “tremulous” hand, Wolfgang Keller (Die Litterarischen Bestrebungen von Worcester in Angel-S chsischen Zeit: Quellen u. Forschungen 84, 1900, p. 20) gives a list of MSS. in which the same hand appears. They are Bodleian Junius 24, 121; Hatton 76, 113, 114, 115; C. C. C. 178,391; University Library Cambridge Kk. 3. 18. To these I can add C. C. C. 12 (the MS. before us) and 198: while I believe that Keller is mistaken in thinking that the hand occurs in MS 265 (which he also cites). The glossator whose hand it is was probably, as Keller points out, an old man who knew Anglo-Saxon, and added the glosses for the benefit of his brother-monks to whom it was unfamiliar. Several of the MSS. at Oxford in which the hand is found are certainly from Worcester Priory: thus it is safe to predicate of any MS. which shows it, that this, too, is a Worcester book; a remark which applies to the MS. no. 12.
Foliation: ff. a-b + i-ii + 1-225 + iii-iv + c-d(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Language: Old English and Latin.(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Alfred the Great's Old English Translation of Gregory the Great, De cura pastorali (Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
LFRED (in red) cyning hate gretan
o e hƿa o re bi rite
is rend ge rit agustinus
a e l den spr ce l ste cu on
(Capitula lxv)
I t te unl rede etc.
u leofesta bro or
e hie nane geleornedon
FOR on e nan cr ft nis
A small blank (of 3 or 4 lines) is left at the beginnings of the subsequent chapters, for titles and initials which were no doubt meant to be inserted in red
Pars secunda begins f. 30r
Pars tertia begins f. 72r. Pars quarta begins f. 220v
o e him liefes drync forloren eor e (erased)
f. 225v blank
A good many edges of leaves have been cut off and replaced in cent. xvi or later