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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 111: The Bath Cartulary and related items. Antiquarian Transcripts of Charters.

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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 111: The Bath Cartulary and related items. Antiquarian Transcripts of Charters.
Alternate Title:
Registrum Chartarum Abbatiae Bathoniensis. Apographa Chartarum, etc.
Latin and English, Old (ca. 450-1100)
pp. 454
Approximate Date:
[ca. 1000 - 1599]
Parker Manuscripts
This large composite volume contains much important documentary material from Anglo-Saxon England, in both medieval and antiquarian copies. Pp. 1-132 relate to Bath Abbey; some of this material was previously bound with CCCC MS 140, the Bath Old English Gospel Book. This section starts with an Old English relic-list of Bath and some Old English manumissions, which were written into CCCC MS 140 to emphasise their legal and religious importance. These are followed by a short twelfth-century gospel lectionary. There is also the unique manuscript of the pilgrimage of Sæwulf to Jerusalem in 1102-1103, and an important post-Conquest Old English confraternity agreement between various western religious houses, predominantly Chertsey, Bath, Pershore, Evesham, Winchcombe, Gloucester and Worcester, with the names of some of the monks. On p. 57 starts the Bath Cartulary proper, an important twelfth-century record of Bath Abbey's archives. This contains a large number of Anglo-Saxon charters, which have recently been definitively edited by Susan Kelly, and more charters from the post-Conquest period into the reign of Henry II. It also contains an important Domesday satellite survey, probably part of the material drawn up to be used in the creation of Domesday Book proper. Pp. 139-78 constitute a very important set of transcripts by Robert Talbot (c. 1505-1558) predominantly of original Anglo-Saxon charters from the archives of Abingdon Abbey in the possession of Dr George Owen (d. 1558). These documents have since been lost making this the only witness to their text. This collection was acquired early by Parker, who added some material. Pp. 187-317, which have their own pagination showing that they were once a separate volume, contain another collection of sixteenth-century antiquarian transcripts of medieval charters. This compilation is descended from the 'Prise-Say' collection of monastic foundation charters, made by William Say at the request of Sir John Prise in 1535, during the dissolution of the monasteries. This section of CCCC MS 111 starts with accounts of the foundations of monastic houses with a note saying it was compiled by the antiquary John Stow (c. 1525-1605) in September 1566, clearly using the Prise-Say register. There are also copies of charters from the Prise-Say collection (which survives in a manuscript at Winchester Cathedral) and miscellaneous supplementary material from a different but related source. The manuscript concludes with material largely relating to the dissolution of the monasteries.