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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 049: Bible.

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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 049: Bible.
Alternate Title:
ff. 444 + 7
Approximate Date:
[ca. 1200 - 1299]
Parker Manuscripts
CCCC MS 49 is an English Bible which has been dated to c. 1270-80. Most English thirteenth-century Bibles are somewhat larger than contemporary Parisian Bibles, as in the case of this manuscript, and relatively few were made in comparison with the very large numbers from Paris. Each book of the Bible has an historiated initial. The manuscript belonged to St Augustine's abbey, and its illumination is related to a Psalter (Oxford, Corpus Christi College MS 285) connected with Christ Church, Canterbury. Another Bible (Oxford, Merton College MS 235) is also related in the style of its illumination and was probably painted by the same artists. In view of the connections with St Augustine's and Christ Church it is possible that the book was written and decorated in Canterbury.